List of Classic Movies Available to watch online

List of Classic Movies Available to watch online.

Beneath the 12 Mile Reef (1953) 101m Color. Robert Wagner sponge dives. Octopus attacks!

Bird of Paradise (1932) 80m. Joel McCrea, Dolores del Rio. A sailor falls for a beautiful island girl who may become a sacrifice to an erupting volcano.

The Black Pirate (1926, silent film with music track) Color, 75m. Doublas Fairbanks Sr., Billie Dove.

Call of the Yukon (1938) 70m. Richard Arlen. A fur trader guides a writer and her animals to safety in the Yukon territory when wolves are about to attack.

Captain Calamity (1936) Color, 65m. George Houston. South Seas skipper pretends to discover a fortune but crooked seamen try to bump him off and get the non-existent treasure for themselves. Bonus feature: Sinful Cargo 1936 53m. Conrad Nagel pursues smuggling ring bringing in Orientals.

Captain Kidd (1945) 89m. Randolph Scott vs blackgard brigand Charles Laughton.

Captain Scarlett (1953) Color, 78m. Richard Greene protects citizens from the tyrannical Royalists and saves a damsel in distress.

Forced Landing (1941) 67m. Richard Arlen, Eva Gabor, J. Carroll Naish. A Pacific Islands dictator must compete with a military pilot for a woman’s affection, and underhandedly dispatches him on a suicide mission.

Happy Landing (1934) 34m. An action-filled film with outlaws-of-the-clouds at war with the men of the U. S. Flying Service. With Ray Walker, Julie Bishop, Noah Beery.

Isle of Destiny (1940) William Gargan, Wallace Ford, June Lang. Society glamor girl/aviatrix Virginia Allerton alters her around-the-world flight by stopping on Pacific isle of Palo Pango where her brother is stationed with a detachment of U.S. Marines. Action ensues!

The Magic Sword (1960) Color, 80m. Evil Basil Rathbone vs. St. George who must slay that dragon.

The Most Dangerous Game (1932) 70m. Mad hunter stalks Fay Wray and Joel McCrea.

Outpost in Morocco (1949) 91m. George Raft in the French Foreign Legion. Capt. Gerard, greatest lover in the Foreign Legion, is assigned to escort an emir’s daughter to her father’s mountain citadel, but rebellion brews!

Son of Monte Cristo (1940) 92m. Louis Hayward, Joan Bennett, George Sanders. Count of Monte Cristo falls for besieged Zona and masquerades as a foppish banker and a masked freedom fighter to aid her.

Timber Queen (1944) 66m. Richard Arlen, June Havoc, Sheldon Leonard. World War-II flyer helps out widow of army buddy to log big timber.

Tarzan the Fearless Poster
Jungle Adventures!

Tarzan’s Revenge (1938) 70m. Glenn Morris as the ape man.

Tarzan the Fearless (1933) 85m. Buster Crabbe in the feature version of a 12-chapter serial that no longer survives!

Tarzan and the Trappers (1958) 70m. Gordon Scott. Tarzan deals with the villainous Schroeder, who is illegally collecting animals for zoos, only to be menaced by Schroeder’s hunter brother Sikes.

New Adventures of Tarzan (1935) 75m. Bruce Bennett as the ape man helps secure secret of the Green Goddess statue deep in jungles of Guatemala. Feature version of the 12-chapter serial.

Blonde Savage (1947) 62m. An expedition into the deep jungle discovers a native tribe led by a tall white blonde woman. Bonus feature: Law of the Jungle (1942) 61m. Mantan Moreland. Nazis hunt down archaeologist & company in the jungle.

The Jungle Book (1942) Color, 109m. Sabu stars in Kipling’s classic tale.

Jungle Bride (1933) 63m. Charles Starrett, Anita Page. Persons shipwrecked on the coast of Africa face many jungle perils. A nice Monogram effort. Bonus feature: Tentacles of the North (1926, silent) 54m. Two ships are trapped in the Arctic ice.

Jungle Cavalcade (1941) 76m. Frank Buck documentary clips of his many animal trapping safaris.

Nabonga (1944) 75m. Buster Crabbe. To clear his father’s name, a young man travels deep into Africa to confront a beautiful White Witch – who is guarded by a giant gorilla.

Perils of the Jungle 63m. Clyde Beatty, Phyllis Coates. An animal trainer goes to the Congo to catch lions where he finds a lady lion catcher who needs his help to catch a gorilla. Bonus feature: Desperate Cargo (1941) 62m. Ralph Byrd. Two show girls are trapped on a cruise ship while hoods try to steal the ship’s cargo.

Sabaka (1954) Color, 77m. Boris Karloff. In India, a young elephant trainer vows revenge against the cult that killed his family and sets out alone to battle his enemy.

White Gorilla (1947) 62m. Ray Corrigan. Wacky jungle thriller with two gorillas and stock footage from a silent jungle serial. Bonus feature: Queen of the Amazons (1947) 61m. White Goddess of the Dark Jungle… She offered ECSTASY and DEATH!

White Huntress (1957) 62m. In the 1890’s a blonde battles a giant python and unfriendly natives in the untamed African frontier.

White Orchid (1954) Color, 81m. An archeologist explores the jungles of Mexico to find and document the lost civilization of the Toltecs.

White Pongo (1945) 72m. Scientists and hunters search for an albino gorilla that could be the missing link.

Wild Women of Wongo (1958) Color, 72m. A clan of beautiful women pine for company.

Big Wheel Poster
Fast Wheels!

The Big Wheel (1949) 92m. Mickey Rooney. A young man is determined to follow in his father’s tracks as a race car driver, even though it caused his dad’s death.

Blonde Comet (1941) 67m. Beverly Blake, the ‘Blonde Comet,” and the daughter of a tire-manufacturer, gets behind the wheel of a race-car, tears up the tracks and wins races.

The Choppers (1961) 56m. Arch Hall Jr. writes and stars in this thriller about a young hot-rodder who becomes involved with a gang of car thieves and a crooked salvage yard owner. Bonus feature: T-Bird Gang A high school student, working undercover enforcement, goes undercover to infiltrate a teen-based gang called The T-Birds.

Evel Knievel (1972) Color, 89m. George Hamilton. The famed daredevil reflects on major events in his life just before his biggest jump in this dramatized biography.

The Fast and the Furious (1955) 72m. John Ireland, Dorothy Malone. Man on the lam takes a beautiful young woman and her fast sports car hostage and slips into a cross-border sports car race to try to escape the police.

High Gear (1933) 67m. James Murray. When Mark ‘High Gear’ Sherrod (Murray) looses his nerve, the race car driver takes a job driving a taxi, but when he befriends a cute reporter and the young handicapped son of a deceased driver, he attempts to return to the track. Bonus: Half-Pint Polly (1930) Unusual 20 min. western comedy with Tom Tyler.

Hot Rod Girl (1956) 75m. A small town is turned upside down by illegal drag racing and out of control rebel youth.

The Mystery Train (1931) 62m. Hedda Hopper. A group of passengers are trapped in a runaway Pullman car.

Return of Casey Jones (1934) 67m. Charles Starrett. A young engineer is inspired by his role model, Casey Jones.

Phantom Express (1932) 70m. An innocent man trying to save train from a head-on crash with a ‘ghost train’ is blamed for a train derailment.

43: The Richard Petty Story (1974) Color, 83m. Darren McGavin. Story of race car driver Richard Petty.

Ten Laps to Go (1936) 67m. Larry Evans (Rex Lease), champion race car driver, is envied by his chief rival, Eddie DeSylva (Duncan Renaldo), who has more ambitions than merely winning the races.

The Wild Ride Jack Nicholson stars as a rebellious punk of the beat generation, who spends his days as an amateur dirt track driver.

Black Jazz Legends
All musical Black Heritage Program with a poster to promote your showings! Rare musical Soundies by Billy Eckstine, Nat King Cole, Fats Waller, Count Basie, Louis Armstrong, Cab Calloway and more, plus “Scrub Me Mama” color cartoon, episode of “Showtime at the Apollo” and “Rock ‘n Roll Revue” wth dozens of stars.

The Blood of Jesus
(1941) 57 min. Spencer Williams film about an atheist who accidentally shoots his Baptist wife, who must fight the Devil for her soul. With second religious themed feature:
Go Down Death (1940) 56 min. Myra D. Hemmings, Samuel H. James. A bar owner attempts to discredit the new preacher with whom he is feuding by framing him with a photograph showing him drinking with women with bad reputations. Special Program!

Boarding House Blues
(1948) 86 min. Moms Mabley and Dusty Fletcher. Tenants of a Harlem boarding house put on a show to save their home.

Boy! What a Girl!
(1947) 70 min. Tim Moore, Elwood Smith, Duke Williams. A couple of theatrical producers try to get backing for their musical show.

Hi De Ho Poster The Bronze Buckaroo
(1939) 58 min. Herb Jeffries sings and shoots in a black cast western. With “Bubbling Over” musical short.

The Devil’s Daughter
(1939) 59 min. Nina Mae McKinney runs afoul of voodoo in Jamaica. Double feature with
Son of Ingagi (1940) 61 min., only fair quality. Spencer Williams in haunted house horror film.

Dirty Gertie from Harlem
(1946) 65 min. Francine Everett, Don Wilson. A sexy, enticing dancer from Harlem makes things happen in a sleepy Caribbean island resort. Second smash feature:
Sepia Cinderella (1947) with Billy Daniels and Sheila Guyse. A struggling band leader’s rise to fame after overcoming many obstacles, including a bad-girl vs. good-girl situation.

The Duke Is Tops (aka Bronze Venus)
(1938) 63 min. Lena Horne plays a night club singer who gets a chance at Broadway. One of our Special Programs with “Little Black Sambo” cartoon, Fats Waller Soundie and Ethel Waters in “Bubbling Over.”

Gang War
(1940) 63 min. Ralph Cooper in gangster film set in Harlem. Double feature with:
Moon Over Harlem
(1939) 68 min. A girl’s mother marries a philanderer, who then pursues the daughter. When caught, the mother throws her out into the world of Broadway shows.
Plus The Cabin Kids in two shorts! Special Program!

Hi De Ho
(1947) 64 min. Cab Calloway is a band leader pressured to work in a gangster bar. Special Program with 2 Mills Brothers Soundies, Amos ‘n Andy cartoon and Duke Ellington’s “Symphony in Black” with Billie Holiday.

Jiving in Be-Bop
Jivin’ in Be-Bop
(1946) 58 min. Dizzie Gillespie and his musical friends have a ball. Now as a double feature with Fats Waller singing “The Joint is Jumping” and second feature:
Juke Joint (1947) 58 min. Spencer Williams is a con man who poses as a Hollywood acto to advance the fortunes of a small town beauty contest.
Plus “The Joint is Jumpin’ ” by Fats Waller and “Frim Fram Sauce” by Nat King Cole. Special Program!

Murder on Lenox Avenue
(1941) 65 min. Mamie Smith, Alec Lovejoy. Dramatic events in a Harlem apartment house. Pa Wilkins is chosen by the Better Business League to replace their ousted, crooked leader Marshall. Double feature with:
Murder with Music (1941) 57 min. Night club singer Nelle Hill has many suitors — an escaped convict, a piano player and a newspaper man. One is killed. Plus Cab Calloway sings “We the Cats Shall Hep Ya (1945). Special Program!

Paradise in Harlem
(1939) 85 min. Crime drama centered on a club singer who aspires to be a great dramatic actor.

Reet, Petite and Gone
(1947) 67 min. Bandleader Louis Jordan stars in a dual role. With “Cab Calloway’s Jitterbug Party,” “Scrub Me Mama” Cartoon and Louis Armstrong Soundie. Special Program!

Rock ‘N’ Roll Revue and Rhythm & Blues Revue
(1955) Two one-hour compilations of black performers on stage: Dinah Washington, Mantan Moreland, Duke Ellington, Nat King Cole, Safah Vaughn, Lionel Hampton, Herb Jeffries, etc.

Showtime at the Apollo
(1954) 80 min. Musical variety show filmed in New York’s Apollo Theater with many stars: Nipsey Russell, Duke Ellington, the Clovers, Herb Jeffries, Dinah Washington, Count Basie, Lionel Hampton, etc. 3 separate episodes of the 1954 TV show.

Spirit of Youth
(1938) 66 min. Boxer Joe Louis stars in the story of the rise of boxer Joe Thomas, which paralleled the life of Joe Louis.

Showcasing Black Actors

The following films feature famous black actors in films with white actors.

Check and Double Check
(1930) 80 min. Radio’s Amos ‘N Andy (white actors Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll in black face) in a feature comedy. With Duke Ellington.

The Emperor Jones
(1933) 72 min. Paul Robeson plays a porter who escapes from a chain gang to become king of a Caribbean island. Based on the play by Eugene O’Neil. Special Program with “Uncle Tom and Little Eva” cartoon, Delta Rhythm Boys “Take the A Train” and Bessie Smith in “St. Louis Blues.”

The Jackie Robinson Story
(1950) 76 min. Jackie Robinson stars in own biography as first black baseball player in majors.

Judge Priest
(1934) 80 min. Will Rogers comedy is a showcase for black comedian Stepin Fetchit.

The Joe Louis Story
(1953) 88 min. Coley Wallace in biography of the Heaveyweight champ.

Topper Returns
(1941) Rochester is featured in this mystery-comedy about Cosmo Topper (Roland Young) helping ghost Joan Blondell find her own killer.

Mantan Moreland Co-Starring Features:

Freckles Comes Home
(1942) Gale Storm, Johnny Downs, Mantan Moreland. Two pals encounter an obstinate hick town sheriff who accuses them of murder. Double feature with
Law of the Jungle (1942) Arline Judge, Mantan Moreland. Nazis hide among jungle natives in this classic Monogram thriller.

The Gang’s All Here
(1941) Frankie Darro, Mantan Moreland comedy/crime B-picture. Double feature with
Irish Luck (1939) Frankie Darro, Mantan Moreland. An amateur detective teams up with a frightened bell-hop to solve a series of hotel murders.

King of the Zombies
(1941) 67 min. Dick Purcell, Joan Woodbury, Mantan Moreland. Fiendish Mad doctor creates Zombies for the Axis. Mantan Moreland turns this chiller into a hilariously funny film. DVD includes Revolt of the Zombies (1936) (no Mantan).

Let’s Go Collegiate
(1941) Frankie Darro & Mantan Moreland in a college musical. Double feature with
Up In the Air (1940) Frankie Darro, Mantan Moreland in mystery-comedy set in radio station.

As You Like It (1936) 96m. Laurence Olivier does Shakespeare.

Behave Yourself (1951) 81m. Comedy with Shelley Winters, Farley Granger and a cute dog!

Colonel Effingham’s Raid (1945) 70m. Charles Coburn, Joan Bennett. Retired colonel campaigns to save Confederate Monument Square.

Eternally Yours (1939) 91m. Loretta Young marries magician David Niven.

Father’s Little Dividend (1941) 82m. Father Spencer Tracy sweats as daughter Elizabeth Taylor expects her first baby.

Heartbeat (1946) 102m. Pickpocket Ginger Rogers in Paris falls for Jean-Pierre Aumont.

His Girl Friday (1940) 92m. Cary Grant vs. Rosalind Russell in newsroom chaos!

Inspector General Poster
Indiscreet (1931) Starring: Gloria Swanson, Ben Lyon, Arthur Lake Director: Leo McCarey B&W. 92 min.

The Inspector General(1949) Color, 92m. Danny Kaye musical comedy romp.

Judge Priest (1934) 81m. John Ford Americana with Will Rogers as small-town judge.

Life With Father (1947) Color, 118m. William Powell, Irene Dunne in celebrated Broadway hit.

Love Laughs at Andy Hardy (1946) 93m Mickey Rooney, Lewis Stone. Andy goes to college after WW-II duty.

The Little Shop of Horrors (1960) 70m. Roger Corman horror spoof with the talking plant.

My Dear Secretary (1948) Starring: Kirk Douglas, Laraine Day, Keenan Wynn Director: Charles Martin B&W. 95 min.

My Man Godfrey (1936) Starring: Carole Lombard, Alice Brady, Gail Patrick Director: Gregory La Cava B&W. 95 min.

Nothing Sacred (1937) Color, 77m. Carole Lombard vs. Fredric March!

The Rage of Paris (1938) 78m. Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and Louis Hayward battle over Danielle Darrieux.

The Smallest Show on Earth (1957, British) 80m. A young couple inherits decrepit movie theater. With Peter Sellers, Margaret Rutherford.

The Stork Club (1945) 98m. Night club singer Betty Hutton befriends Barry Fitzgerald.

That Uncertain Feeling (1941) 84m. Ernst Lubitsch romp with Merle Oberon, Melvyn Douglas and Burgess Meredith.

Topper Returns (1941) 88m Roland Young helps ghost Joan Blondell catch her murderer.

Flying Deuces Poster
Those Lovable Clowns!

Africa Screams (1949) 80m. Bud Abbott and Lou Costello on a jungle safari.

All Over Town (1937) 63m. Ole Olson & Chic Johnson. With second feature: Affairs of Cappy Ricks(1937) 60m. Starring Walter Brennan as sea captain.

Check and Double Check (1930) 77m. Amos ‘n Andy stars Freeman F. Gosden and Charles J. Correll in their only screen comedy (in black face).

Country Gentlemen (1936) 65m. Ole Olson & Chic Johnson.

Flying Deuces (1939) 65m. Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in the Foreign Legion.

The Gorilla (1939) 66m. Ritz Brothers try to solve mystery and avoid killer ape.

The Great Rupert (1950) 88m. Jimmy Durante aided by animated squirrel. Aka. “A Christmas Wish.”

Jack and the Beanstalk (1952) Color, 78m. Abbott and Costello spin on the tale.

Lay That Rifle Down(1955) 71m. Judy Canova vs. con men in small town. With second feature: Uncle Joe(1941) 51m. Gale Storm visits relatives in country. With Zasu Pitts, Slim Summerville.

Lotsa Laffs Poster
Lotsa Laffs! 105m. Hilarious shorts and cartoons in one giant laff-fest for movie theaters or Internet streaming. “Our Gang Follies of 1938,” W.C. Fields in “The Dentist,” 3 Stooges “Disorder in the Court” and Abbott and Costello “Who’s On First? — plus cartoons “Arctic Giant” with Superman, Betty Boop in “Is My Palm Read?” and “Popeye Meets Ali Baba” and more! Check out these additional short comedy collections of Lotsa Laffs!

The Medicine Man (193) 63m. Jack Benny is medicine man carny who falls for abused frontier girl.

The Milky Way (1936) 89m. Harold Lloyd is mild milkman turned prize fighter.

My Favorite Brunette (1947) 87m. Bob Hope turns detective to save Dorothy Lamour.

Palooka (1934) 86m. Stu Irwin is comic-strip boxer Joe Palooka, managed by Jimmy Durante.

Parlor, Bedroom and Bath (1931) 75m. Buster Keaton becomes entangled in a rich man’s scheme to marry off his aggressive sister-in-law.

Road to Bali (1952) Color, 90m. Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Dorothy Lamour in the South Seas.

The Sin of Harold Diddlebock (1947) 90m. Harold Lloyd cuts loose in middle age.

Speak Easily (1932) 80m. Buster Keaton, Jimmy Durante, Thelma Todd — putting on a show.

Fit for a King Poster
Joe E. Brown in —

Earthworm Tractors (1936) 68m. Joe E. Brown is a go-getter but no-nothing salesman of tractors.

Fit for a King (1937) 73m. Joe E. Brown is a reporter who falls in love with a crown princess and exposes an assassination plot.

Riding On Air (1937) 58m. Two small-town newspaper reporters are both after a local girl and the real story about a mysterious device.

When’s Your Birthday? (1937) 76m. Joe E. is a mild-mannered astrologer who becomes a prizefighter.

Bert Wheeler and Robert Woolsey in —

Dixiana (1930) 98m. Wheeler & Woolsey, Bebe Daniels in period comedy set during Mardi Gras, with color sequence.

Half Shot at Sunrise (1930) 78m. Wheeler and Woolsey are two soldiers AWOL in Paris.

Hook, Line and Sinker (1930) 75m. Comics Wheeler and Woolsey play fast-talking salesmen who help an innocent young hotel operator.

Romantic Screwballs!

The Admiral Was a Lady (1950) 87m. Edmond O’Brien, Wanda Hendrix. Ex-WAVE encounters four fun-loving, work-hating men, all of whom want to marry her.

The Amazing Adventure (1936, Britain) 63 min. Rich Cary Grant feigns poorness to discover life.

Angel on My Shoulder (1946) 101m. Gangster Paul Muni double crosses the Devil, Claude Rains.

Beyond Tomorrow (1940) 84m. Romantic story of two lovers brought together on Christmas eve by three ghosts.

The Front Page (1931) 101m. Adolphe Menjou, Pat O’Brien in first filming of the famous stage comedy.

The Greeks Had a Word for Them (1932) 79m. Joan Blondell, Ina Claire, Madge Evans are money hungry women who have sugar daddies who keep them in the lap of luxury.

Her Favorite Patient (1945) 72m. Aka. “Bedside Manner.” Beautiful doctor Ruth Hussey meets handsome patient John Carroll.

Hi Diddle Diddle (1943) 72m. Adolphe Menjou, Martha Scott. When the bride’s mother is supposedly swindled out of her money by a spurned suitor, the groom’s father orchestrates a scheme of his own to set things right.

His Private Secretary (1933) 60m. John Wayne, Evalyn Knapp. Dick Wallace wants to marry a minister’s grand-daughter but his father wants him in the family business.

Lost Honeymoon (1947) Starring: Franchot Tone, Ann Richards, Tom Conway Director: Leigh Jason B&W. 71 min.

Made for Each Other (1939) Starring: James Stewart, Charles Coburn, Lucile Watson Director: John Cromwell B&W. 92 min.

Mr. Robinson Crusoe (1932) Starring: Douglas Fairbanks Sr., William Farnum, Earle Browne Director: A. Edward Sutherland B&W. 71 min.

People Are Funny (1946) 93m. Jack Haley, Ozzie Nelson, Rudy Vallee in film version of the Art Linkletter radio show.

Perils of Pauline, The (1947) Color, 94m. Betty Hutton in musical comedy as silent movie heroine Pearl White.

Reaching for the Moon (1931) 67m. Douglas Fairbanks woos Bebe Daniels on a cruise. Second film: Sitting On the Moon (1936) 54 min. Musical romance with Grace Bradley, Roger Pryor.

Road Show (1941) 87m. Adolphe Menjou, Carole Landis. Rich playboy Drogo Gaines is in imminent danger of marrying a gold digger, and escapes by feigning insanity.

Royal Wedding (1951) Color, 93m. Stanley Donen MGM musical with Fred Astaire, Jane Powell.

Sin Takes a Holiday (1930) Starring: Constance Bennett, Kenneth MacKenna, Basil Rathbone Director: Paul L. Stein. B&W. 81 min.

Texas, Brooklyn and Heaven (1948) 76m. Guy Madison, Diana Lynn. A would-be playwright and a young woman escaping from a job at a gas station meet cute and fall in love.

There Goes the Bride (1979, Britain) Color, 88m. Tommy Smothers, Twiggy and Jim Backus.

Three Guys Named Mike (1951) 90m. Jane Wyman dates 3 men named Mike. With Van Johnson, Howard Keel.

Color Comedies – “Not Registered”

These films made since 1964 are in the public domain because they were never registered with the Library of Congress. Read more about Not Registered titles.

Congratulations, It’s a Boy! (1971) Color, 79m. TV movie starring Bill Bixby, Diane Baker, Jack Albertson. A bachelor’s life is interrupted by the appearance of a teenager who claims to be his son.

Fat Spy, The (1966) Color, 75m. Jack E. Leonard as twins with Jayne Mansfield, Phyllis Diller on an island.

Hard Knox (1984) Color, 93m. Robert Conrad. A retired fighter pilot becomes head of his alma mater military school for two weeks, with hilarious consequences.

It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time (1975, Canada) Color, 106m. Anthony Newley plays a poor avant-garde artist who struggles with an ex-wife’s remarriage to a building contractor.

Lovers and Liars (1980, Italy) Color, 96m. Goldie Hawn. It’s about this world-weary, chain smoker, bag-eyed, married guy, who drives to his dad’s house (the dad is dying) and takes Goldie along–he finds her at his mistress’s house.

The Nasty Rabbit (1964) Color, 88m. Arch Hall Jr. in spoof of spy films.

The Over-the-Hil Gang (1969) Color, 74m. Western spoof with Walter Brennan, Edgar Buchanan, Andy Devine, Rick Nelson.

The Over-the-Hil Gang Rides Again (1970) Color, 74m. Sequel western spoof with Walter Brennan, Edgar Buchanan, Andy Devine, Fred Astaire, Chill Wills.

Rescue from Gilligan’s Island (1978) Color, 72m. Bob Denver and the gang in feature version of the TV show.

Wackiest Wagon Train in the West (1976) Color, 94m. Bob Denver western spoof, compiled from TV show “Dusty’s Trail.”

Wake Me When the War is Over (1969) Color, 75m. Pilot hidden by baroness (Eva Gabor) at tail end of WW-2. She doesn’t tell him the war ends so she can keep him.

A few more B-Picture Comedies

Always in Trouble (1938) 70m. Jane Withers, Jean Rogers, Arthur Treacher

Baby Face Morgan (1942) 60m. Richard Cromwell, Mary Carlisle , Robert Armstrong.

Big News (1929) 66m. Starring: Carole Lombard, Robert Armstrong, Louis Payne Director: Gregory La Cava

Big Show-Off, The (1945) 60m. Dale Evans, Arthur Lake in night club romance. With second film: Bill Cracks Down (1937) 61m. With Grant Withers. Ranny Weeks Director: William Nigh

Broadway Limited (1941) 75m. Victor McLaglen, Marjorie Woodworth, Dennis O’Keefe. Publicity mix-ups with star and adopted/kidnapped baby.

Freckles Comes Home (1942) 59m. with Johnny Downs and Gale Storm. With: Hollywood and Vine (1945) 58m. Small town girl heads to Hollywood.

The Gang’s All Here (1941) 61m. Frankie Darro, Mantan Moreland go into trucking business. With: False Pretenses (1935) 68m. Irene Ware aspires to crash high society.

Goodbye Love (1933) 65m. Wealthy Charlie Ruggles involved with some women with ulterior motives. With: We’re in the Legion Now (1936) 54m. Two American gangsters find themselves in the Foreign Legion and use mob skills to prevail.

The Great Mike (1944) 72m. Stuart Erwin tries to turn a milk horse into a race horse.

Hay Foot (1942) 48m. William Tracy, Joe Sawyer in the army. Plus second film: Here Comes Trouble (1948) 55m. William Tracy, Joe Sawyer are reporters involved in murder.

His Double Life (1933) 67m. Artist Roland Young changes identities when his valet dies. With Lillian Gish.

I’m From Arkansas (1944) 67m. Slim Summerville, El Brendel in low brow country comedy with music. Mayhem ensues in a small town when a sow gives birth to a Guinness Book of World Records’ litter.

A Bride for Henry (1937) 58m. with Anna Neagel. Jilted bride marries lawyer instead, but he always loved her. With: Heading for Heaven (1947) 65m. Stuart Erwin thinks he is about to die.

It’s A Joke Son (1947) 63m. Kenny Delmar is Senator Claghorn. With Zis Boom Bah (1942) 61m. Grace Hayes, Mary Healy, Peter Lind Hayes.

King Kelly of the USA (1934) 66m. Guy Robertson, Edgar Kennedy in mythical kingdom.

L’il Abner (1940) 78m. The comic strip comes to life, with Buster Keaton, Edgar Kennedy.

Lonely Wives (1931) 87m. Edward Everett Horton, Esther Ralston and Laura La Plante in comedy of mistaken identity.

Make a Million (1935) Starring: Charles Starrett, Guy Asher, Jimmy Aubrey Director: Lewis D. Collins B&W. 66m.

Money Means Nothing (1934) 64m. Tire salesman Wallace Ford falls for debutante, with Edgar Kennedy. Plus: Meet the Mayor (1932) 63m. Frank Fay, Ruth Hall in small town mayor race.

The Nut Farm (1935) 67m. Actor Wallace Ford tries to get sister’s money back from con men.

Private Snuffy Smith (1942) 67m. The comic strip comes to life. Snuffy Smith, moonshining hillbilly, grows tired of dodging revenue agents and enlists! With Edgar Kennedy and 3 cartoons.

The Royal Bed, The (1931) 73m. Lowell Sherman, Mary Astor. Troubles with the Royals in mythical kingdom.

So’s Your Aunt Emma! (1942) A dizzy old spinster (Zasu Pitts) gets involved in the boxing racket and gangland murders and is falsely accused of being notorious murderer “Ma Parker.”

St. Benny the Dip (1951) 69m. Dick Haymes. 3 con men disguise as priests to escape police, then start doing good.

The Villain Still Pursued Her (1940) 67m. Buster Keaton, Hugh Herbert, Billy Gilbert in spoof of old-fashioned melodramas.

Too Many Women (1942) 66m. Neil Hamilton and June Lang can’t afford to get married.

The Town Went Wild (1944) 65m. Young engaged couple may have been mixed up at birth.

The East Side Kids

Engaging comedy adventures starring former Dead End Kids Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall, Bobby Jordan, Gabriel Dell, Billy Benedict and Sammy Morrison. Some are double features on DVD-R as noted.

Little Tough Guy (1938) 86m. Not a comedy, but a serious drama about boys in trouble. This continuation of the Dead End Kids series features Billy Halop, Huntz Hall, Gabriel Dell and Bernard Punsley. No Leo Gorcey!

Ghosts on the Loose (1943) 65m. Kids vs. Nazi spy Bela Lugosi.

Spooks Run Wild (1941) 65m. Kids invade spooky mansion haunted by Bela Lugosi in Dracula cape.

Bowery Blitzkrieg (1941) 62m. Muggs escapes a life of crime to become a Golden Gloves boxing champ. With Million Dollar Kid (1944) 65m. Boys reform rich kid leading life of crime.

‘Neath Brooklyn Bridge (1942) 62m. Bobby Jordan framed for murder. With second film (not the boys): Murder in the Clouds (1934) Plane film with Lyle Talbot.

Flying Wild (1941) 64m. Working in aviation factory, the gang suspects a spy. With That Gang of Mine (1940) 62m. Muggs is jockey.

Kid Dynamite (1943) 66m. Muggs and Danny battle throughout. With Pride of the Bowery (1941) 61m. Muggs goes into boxing.

Boys of the City (1940) 65m. Muggs & gang meet haunted house in the country. With Let’s Get Tough (1942) 62m. Kids expose ring of Japanese spies out to overthrow USA!

Smart Alecks (1942) 60m. Kids steal baseball uniforms. With Mr. Wise Guy (1942) 70m. The boys go to reform school after being falsely accused of stealing a truck.

East Side Kids (1940) 62m. Slum kids take on counterfeiters. First in the series, but it does NOT star Huntz Hall, Leo Gorcey and the other kids. With Clancy Street Boys (1943) 66m. Muggs enlists the boys to be his siblings.

Dr. Christian Series

RKO’s pleasant drama-comedies star Jean Hersholt as kindly country doctor Dr. Christian, with Dorothy Lovett as his nurse.

Meet Dr. Christian (1939) 63m. Jean Hersholt stars as a small-town doctor who solves difficulties.

Courageous Dr. Christian (1940) 63m. An epidemic breaks out in Shantytown.

Dr. Christian Meets the Women (1940) 63m. Rod LaRoque plays a fake doctor with a diet scam. With Edgar Kennedy.

Remedy for Riches (1940) 68m. Scam artist tries to take the town with phony land deal.

Meoldy for Three (1941) 63m. The doctor helps a single mother with a young violin protege.

They Meet Again (1941) 63m. The doctor aids a bank teller accused of stealing.

Lum and Abner

Rural comedies centered around Lum and Abner’s “Jot-Em-Down” general store in Pine Ridge, Arkansas. Based on a popular radio show of the 1940s.

Dreaming Out Loud
(1940) 81m. Chester Lauk and Norris Goff as Lum and Abner get involved in the lives of various residents of their small town.

The Bashful Bachelor
(1942) 78m. Abner trades for a race horse while Lum proposes to the wrong woman.

Two Weeks to Live
(1943) 76m. After the boys claim a railroad, Abner is wrongly given two weeks to live, so he volunteers to go to Mars in a rocket.

So This Is Washington
(1943) 64m. Boys invent synthetic rubber to help the war effort.

Edgar Kennedy
Comedy Shorts

Clark and McCullough Comedy Festival (1930’s) Starring: Bobby Clark and Jimmy Finlayson: The Gay Nighties, Snug in the Jug, False Roomers and Jitters the Butler.

Three Stooges Shorts — four shorts — Disorder in the Court, Sing a Song of Six Pants, The Brideless Groom, Malice in the Palace — plus a 1949 pilot TV show and color skits. 110m.

W.C. Fields Festival — The Great Man in “The Golf Specialist” (1930), “Fatal Glass of Beer” (1933) and “The Dentist” (1932) plus the 1931 all-star comedy “The Stolen Jools.”

Leon Errol Festival Leon Errol 2-reel comedies: Twin Husbands (1946), Pretty Dolly (1942), His Pest Friend (1938), The Dummy Owner (1938), Bested by a Beard (1940), Man-I-Cured (1941)

Edgar Kennedy Shorts

Comedian Edgar Kennedy made a series of 103 shorts for RKO where he played an “Average Man.”

Volume #1: I’ll Build It Myself, Feather Your Nest, Hold your Temper, Beaux and Errors, Wrong Direction, Will Power, Help Wanted Female.
Volume #2: Quiet Please, Taint Legal, Television Turmoil, In Love at 40, Kennedy’s Castle, Edgar Hamlet.
Volume #3: Rough On Rents (1942), The Other Fellow (1937), Mutiny in the County (1940), You Drive Me Crazy (1945), Dumb’s the Word (1937), Poisoned Ivory (1934), The Big Beef (1945).
Volume #4: Vocalizing (1936), Baby Daze (1939), Do or Diet (1947), Duck Soup (1933), Mother-in-Law Day (1932), Art in the Raw (1933).
Volume #5: Next Door Neighbors (1930), Social Terrors (1946), The Hillbilly Goat (1937), Inferior Decorator (1942), Tramp Trouble (1937), Maid to Order (1939).

Abraham Lincoln (1930) 90m. Walter Huston is Lincoln in D.W. Griffith’s last film.

Angel on My Shoulder (1946) 101m. Murdered convict Paul Muni is sent back to earth by Satan as a respected judge, then attempts to outwit him. With Anne Baxter, Claude Raines.

The Animal Kingdom (1932) 85m. Leslie Howard, Myrna Loy and marital discord.

The Big Lift (1950) 120m. Montgomery Clift in historic treatment of the Berlin air lift, filmed on location in bombed out Berlin.

The Bigamist (1953) 80m. Joan Fontaine, Ida Lupino, Edmund O’Brien marriage triangle!

Blood on the Sun (1945) 98m. James Cagney works in Japan in the 1930s, but is virtually helpless to stop the trouble he smells coming.

Boy in the Plastic Bubble (1976) Color, 100m. John Travolta plays teenager with medical deficiency that confines him inside a sterile world.

Carnival Story (1954) Color, 98m. High-diver Lyle Bettger takes young Anne Baxter on to teach her the ropes, but a romantic triangle develops.

Cheers for Miss Bishop (1941) 95m. Martha Scott is an elderly schoolteacher who reminisces about her life.

Dr. Kildare’s Strange Case (1940) 76m. Lew Ayres stars as Dr. Kildare, who tries to cure mental patient.

The Great Dan Patch (1949) 94m. Dennis O’Keefe and Gail Russell in true story of the famous harness-race horse.

The Great Gabbo (1929) 100m. Erich von Stroheim is a crazed puppeteer during Broadway musical with bizarro numbers.

Great Guy (1936) 67m. James Cagney is an inspector crusading against corruption in the meat packaging industry. With Mae Clark.

Guest in the House (1944) 121m. Anne Baxter, Ralph Bellamy in gripping melodrama about neurotic young woman in household of her betrothed.

Home Town Story (1951) 61m. Donald Crisp, Jeffrey Lynn, Marilyn Monroe (in a small, early role). A journalist takes on big business. Includes “The Town” short and Edgar Kennedy comedy “Good House Wrecking.”

I Cover the Waterfront (1933) 70m. Waterfront reporter Ben Lyon romances Claudette Colbert to trap her father, Ernest Torrence, who has been smuggling Chinese immigrants.

Jack London (1943) 94m. Biography of the author, with Susan Hayward.

Letter of Introduction (1938) 104m. Adolphe Menjou. An aging actor, trying to make a comeback on Broadway, is surprised when his estranged daughter shows up.

Meet John Doe (1941) 123m. Naive Gary Cooper is chosen the average American man for a goodwill drive that benefits a corrupt politician.

Our Daily Bread (1934) 71m. Landmark experiment by director King Vidor. Displaced people band together in a communal farming project during the Great Depression.

Sin Takes a Holiday (1930) 81m. Married Constance Bennett falls in love with Basil Rathbone in Paris.

Smash-Up — Story of a Woman (1947) 103m. Susan Hayward (Oscar nomination) is excellent as an insecure night club singer who weds a radio star, then sinks into alcoholism.

The Southerner (1945) 91m. Superb drama by the great director Jean Renoir about a farm family struggling to survive against overwhelming odds. With Zachary Scott, Betty Field.

The Stars Look Down (1939, British) 110m. Carol Reed classic about Welsh coal miners.

They Made Me a Criminal (1939) 92m. John Garfield thinks he has killed someone and lams out West with the Dead End Kids, pursued by Claude Rains. Directed by Busby Berkeley.

Tulsa (1949) Color, 90m. Cattlewoman Susan Hayward enters the wildcat oil business to avenge the death of her father, but loses her values along the way.


Love Affair Poster
Algiers (1938) 99m. Hedy Lamarr and Charles Boyer have torrid romance in the Casbah.

Indiscretion of an American Wife (1953) 63m. American Jennifer Jones meets her Italian lover, Montgomery Clift, one last time in Rome’s railway station. Directed by Vittorio De Sica.

The Last Time I saw Paris (1954) Color, 115m. Elizabeth Taylor and Van Johnson play two struggling lovers in the reckless gaiety of post-World War-II Paris.

Love Affair (1939) 87m. Irene Dunne and Charles Boyer meet on shipboard. Plans to continue the romance meet tragedy.

Made for Each Other (1939) 93m. Jimmy Stewart and Carole Lombard are a young married couple struggling with jobs, illness and lack of money.

Mr. Imperium (1951) Color, 87m. Lana Turner, Enzio Pinza romance.

Of Human Bondage (1934) 83m. The darker side of obsessive love finds Leslie Howard inexplicably pursuing an affair with vulgar waitress Bette Davis.

Penny Serenade (1941) 120 min. Classic tearjerker directed by George Stevens. Cary Grant and Irene Dunne, meet, love, marry and then drift apart when their unborn baby dies.

A Star is Born (1937) Color, 111 min. Star-struck Janet Gaynor gets a break in Hollywood thanks to movie star Fredric March. They fall in love and marry, but her star rises as his falls.

Swing High, Swing Low (1937) 95m. Carole Lombard and Fred MacMurray fall in and out of love.

Adapted from Literature!

Cyrano de Bergerac (1950) 112m. Oscar-winning performance by Jose Ferrer as the tragic 17th century lover renowned for his nose but longing for love of a beautiful lady.

A Farewell to Arms (1932) 78m. Gary Cooper, Helen Hayes in Hemingway WW-I classic.

Jane Eyre (1970) Color, 110m. George C. Scott stars as the brooding Rochester in Bronte’s classic English tale, with Susannah York as Jane Eyre.

Life With Father (1947) Color, 119m. William Powell and Irene Dunne raise a family in 1900 New York in delightful comedy-drama based on Broadway play.

Little Lord Fauntleroy (1936) 98m. Young New Yorker Freddie Bartholomew suddenly finds himself a British Lord in this charming film from the classic story.

Little Men (1940) 80m. The Louisa May Alcott novel brilliantly brought to the screen with Kay Francis, Jack Oakie and Jimmy Lydon.

The Little Princess (1939) Color, 91m. Shirley Temple is orphan when her father goes to war during Victorian era.

Oliver Twist (1933) 71m. Dickie Moore is Oliver to Irving Pichel’s Fagin in Dickens’ classic.

Our Town (1940) 90m. Thornton Wilder’s play brought to life starring William Holden, Martha Scott.

Rain (1932) 90m. Somerset Maugham’s tawdry South Seas tale. Joan Crawford is trollop Sadie Thompson and the target of preacher Walter Huston’s reform.

The Scarlet Letter (1934) 70m. Colleen Moore stars in Nathaniel Hawthorne classic.

Scrooge (1935) 60m. Faithful adaptation of Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” with Sir Seymour Hicks an impressive Scrooge. Bonus Christmas cartoons.

The Snows of Kilimanjaro (1952) Color, 117m. Hemingway adventure with Gregory Peck, Susan Hayward.

Street Scene (1931) 80m. Sylvia Sidney in play by Elmer Rice. Director: King Vidor

The Time of Your Life (1948) 99m. James Cagney, William Bendix, Broderick Crawford in Pulitzer-Prize winning play by William Saroyan.

Tom Brown’s Schooldays (1940) 86m. Thomas Hughe’s novel brought to life with Freddie Bartholomew in the title role. Life in a Victorian boy’s school.

Winterset (1936) 77m. Burgess Meredith, John Carradine, Eduardo Cianelli in adaptation of Broadway play by Maxwell Anderson.

Tons More! Dramatic B-Pix!

Back Door to Heaven (1939) Starring: Aline MacMahon, Jimmy Lydon, Anita Magee Director: William K. Howard B&W. 85m.

Bad Boy (1939) Starring: Johnny Downs, Rosalind Keith, Helen MacKellar Director: Herbert Meyer B&W. 65m.

Beggars in Ermine (1934) Starring: Lionel Atwill, Betty Furness, Henry B. Walthall Director: Phil Rosen B&W. 70m.

Behind Office Doors (1931) Starring: Mary Astor, Robert Ames, Ricardo Cortez Director: Melville W. Brown B&W. 82m.

Beloved Enemy (1936) Starring: David Niven, Merle Oberon, Brian Aherne Director: H. C. Potter B&W. 86m.

The Big Chance (1933) 62m. Young prizefighter wins fixed match. Gangsters move in. With: Kid Dynamite (1943) 66m. East Side Kids in the boxing world.

Blazing Barriers (1937) Starring: Junior Coughlan, Florine McKinney, Edward Arnold Jr. Director: Aubrey Scotto B&W. 65m.

Born to Be Wild (1938) Starring: Ralph Byrd, Doris Weston, Ward Bond Director: Joseph Kane B&W. 66m.

Born to Fight (1938) Starring: Frankie Darro, Kane Richmond, Jack La Rue Director: Charles Hutchison B&W. 64m.

Boy of the Streets (1937) Starring: Jackie Cooper, Maureen O’Connor, Kathleen Burke Director: William Nigh B&W. 75m.

Boys’ Reformatory (1939) Starring: Frankie Darro, Grant Withers, Junior Coghlan Director: Howard Bretherton B&W. 62m. With: The Mystery Train (1931) 62m. Hedda Hopper. A group of passengers are trapped in a runaway Pullman car.

By Appointment Only (1933) Starring: Wilson Benge , Lew Cody, Gladys Blake Director: Frank Strayer B&W. 66m.

Exile Express (1939) 71m. Anna Sten, Alan Marshal. Spies will not stop at murder in their attempts to wrest a secret formula for a deadly poison away from American scientists.

Hell’s House (1932) 72m. Bette Davis, Pat O’Brien, Junior Coghlan. Jimmy idolizes bootlegger Matt, and when he refuses to implicate his friend, he is sent to reform school.

Kid Monk Baroni (1952) 79m. Leonard Nimoy is “Kid” Monk Baroni, the leader of a street gang who becomes a professional boxer to escape his life in “Little Italy” New York.

Kept Husbands (1931) Starring: Joel McCrea, Dorothy Mackaill, Ned Sparks Director: Lloyd Bacon B&W. 76m.

Mark of the Hawk (1958) Starring: Sidney Poitier, Patrick Allan, Earl Cameron Director: Michael Audley Color 85m.

Mr. Scarface (1977) Starring: Jack Palance, Al Cliver, Harry Baer Director: Edward Sutherland, Fernando Di Leo Color 85m.

One Third of a Nation (1939) Starring: Sylvia Sidney, Leif Erickson, Myron McCormick Director: Dudley Murphy B&W. 79 m.

Ship of Lost Men (1929) Starring: Marlene Dietrich, Fritz Kortner, Robin Irvine Director: Maurice Tourneur B&W. 121m.

Shore Leave (1925) Starring: Richard Barthelmess, Dorothy Mackaill, Ted McNamara Director: John S. Robertson B&W. 105 m.

State Department – File 649 (1949) Color, 87m. William Lundigan matches wits with a Chinese warlord to try to save American citizens threatened with execution.

Sundowners, The (1950) Starring: Robert Preston, Robert Sterling, Chill Wills Director: George Templeton Color 83m.

Swap, The (1969) Starring: Robert De Niro, Jarred Mickey, Jennifer Warren Director: Jordan Leondopoulos, John Shade Color 92m.

Tango (1936) Starring: Marian Nixon, Barbara Bedford, Herman Bing Director: Phil Rosen B&W. 65m.

Ten Nights on a Barroom (1931) Starring: William Farnum, Tom Santschi, Peggy Lou Lynd B&W. 70m.

Under the Red Robe (1936) Starring: Conrad Veidt, Annabella, Raymond Massey Director: Victor Sjostrom B&W. 82m.

Violent Years, The (1956) Starring: Jean Moorhead, Barbara Weeks, Arthur Millan Director: William Morgan B&W. 65m.

Wives under Suspicion (1938) Starring: Warren William, Gail Patrick, Constance Moore Director: James Whale B&W. 69m.

World Gone Mad (1933) Starring: Louis Calhern, Evelyn Brent, Mary Brian Director: Christy Cabanne B&W. 70m.

Noir Classics

The Big Combo (1955) 84m. Police Lt. Cornel Wilde vs. mob boss Richard Conte.

Bluebeard (1944) 73m. Crazed puppeteer John Carradine murders women in medieval Paris. Directed by the legendary Edgar G. Ulmer.

The Capture (1950) 100m. Lew Ayres is an oil man who guns down a thief who may have been innocent.

Detour (1945) 68m. Classic Edgar G. Ulmer B-pic. Innocent Tom Neal hitchhikes across country and is sucked into murder and blackmail.

D.O.A. (1950) 83m. “Dead On Arrival.” Dying from a slow poison, Edmond O’Brien has 24 hours to track down his own killer! Directed by Rudolph Maté.

Door-To-Door Maniac (1961) 80m. Johnny Cash terrorizes family to extort money. Aka. “5 Minutes to Live.”

The Green Glove (1952) 88m. Glenn Ford seeks religious artifact in post-WW2 France.

He Walked By Night (1948) 80m. Genius/psycho killer Richard Basehart is hunted by the police. Told in semi-documentary style, this film inspired Jack Webb’s “Dragnet.”

The Hitch-Hiker (1953) 71m. Edmond O’Brien and Frank Lovejoy out for a hunting trip are taken over by a murderous fugitive. Directed by Ida Lupino.

Impact (1949) 111m. Brian Donlevy’s cheating wife plots to do him in.

Kansas City Confidential (1959) 98m. Ex-con John Payne implicated in a bank heist.

Man in the Attic (1954) 82m. Jack Palance as Jack the Ripper!

The Naked Kiss (1964) 92m. Constance Towers is a prostitute trying to start new in a small town. Directed by Sam Fuller.

Please Murder Me (1956) 78m. Angela Lansbury, Raymond Burr in homicide yarn.

Quicksand (1950) 79m. Mickey Rooney steals $20 and sinks into robbery and blackmail.

The Red House (1947) 100m. Old house deep in the woods holds fearful secret for E.G. Robinson.

Scarlet Street (1945) 103m. Henpecked Edward G. Robinson is pulled into world of crime and deception by seductive Joan Bennett and her boyfriend Dan Duryea.

The Second Woman (1951) 91m. Brooding drama of architect Robert Young who feels responsible for girlfriend’s accidental death.

Strange Love of Martha Ivers (1946) 117m. Gripping melodrama with Barbara Stanwyck bound to her husband by a crime she committed long ago. Kirk Douglas’ film debut!

The Stranger (1946) 95m. Orson Welles is an escaped Nazi war criminal hiding in small town and about to marry Loretta Young until E.G. Robinson tracks him down. Directed by Welles.

Strange illusion (1945) 80m. B-movie update of “Hamlet” has troubled teen Jimmy Lydon doubting smooth-talker Warren Williams who is wooing his mother.

Suddenly (1954) 77m. Frank Sinatra leads a trio of assasins to shoot the President when he visits town.

They Made me a Criminal (1939) 92m. Boxer John Garfield flees believing he has comitted a murder while he was drunk. Pursued by Claude Rains, he meets up with the Dead End Kids.

Too Late for Tears (1949) 99m. Atmospheric thriller about a bag of cash dropped into car of bad-girl Elizabeth Scott and husband Arthur Kennedy. With Dan Duryea, Don DeFore.

Trapped (1949) 78m. FBI enlists con Lloyd Bridges to help trail counterfeiters.

Whistle Stop (1946) 85m. Gangster George Raft romances Ava Gardner in a small town.

Blonde Ice Poster
Lesser Crimes and B-Pix!

Big Town After Dark (1947) 69m. Crime reporter Hillary Brooke opposes local crime boss.

Blonde Ice (1948) 73m. Leslie Brooks marries wealthy men who die mysteriously.

Borderline (1950) 88m. Fred MacMurray and Claire Trevor are caught in Mexican dope-smuggling ring, fearing each other is involved, but both undercover agents.

Boys’ Reformatory (1939) 62m. Frankie Darro takes the rap for a burglary and is sent to a boys reformatory, where the inmates are under the thumb of corrupt guards and a brutal prison doctor. With: Mystery Train (1931) 62m. A group of passengers are trapped in a runaway Pullman car.

Dark Mountain (1936) 62m. Ellen Drew unwittingly marries a mobster but must flee back to first boyfriend when hubbie commits a murder. With: High Voltage (1929) 62m. Stranded by storm, travelers confront drifter William Boyd.

Fear in the Night (1947) 72m. Bank teller DeForest Kelly bothered by dreams of murder.

Gambler’s Choice (1944) 66m. Bad gambler, Chester Morris, vs. childhood pal but now a cop, Russell Hayden.

The Great Flamarion (1945) 78m. Vaudeville star Erich von Stroheim entangled with married assistant.

Guilty of Treason (1949) 86m. Correspondent Paul Kelly in Hungary where commies persecute a liberal Cardinal.

The Hoodlum (1951) 61m. Lawrence Tierney is career criminal who gets out of prison and gets back at it. With: Rogue’s Gallery (1944) 60m. Two reporters suspected of killing an inventor.

Inner Sanctum (1948) 62m. Killer trapped in small town when flood washes out bridges. With Dragnet TV episode “The Big Seventeen.”

Johnny One-Eye (1950) 78m. Pat O’Brien is a gangster who isn’t quite the tough guy everybody thinks he is.

Lady Gangster (1942) 62m. Faye Emerson, Julie Bishop, Jackie Gleason. The title tells it. With episode of TV show “Lock Up.”

The Last Alarm (1940) 61m. A retired fireman teams up with his duaghter and her fiancee to catch a serial arsonist. With: Double Cross (1941) 61m. Gangland’s glamorous gun moll…trapped by the man she loves…as the Motorcycle Squad closes in.

The Limping Man (1953) 75m. Lloyd Bridges is innocent G.I. involved in murder case in London.

Parole Inc. (1949) 71m. Federal agent goes undercover. Michael O’Shea, Evelyn Ankers.

Roar of the Press (1941) 71m. While on their honeymoon, a reporter and his new bride stumble upon a ring of fifth columnists.

Shoot to Kill (1947) 64m. Gangster framed by crooked DA. Wife and newspaper reporter team up. With: Convicted (1931) 61m. Murder on an ocean cruise. Reporter investigates.

They Made Me a Killer (1946) 64m. Young girl tries to prove man innocent of robbery and murder.

Three Steps North (1951) 85m. After a prison sentence an American GI stationed in Italy (Lloyd Bridges) discovers that his hidden loot has disappeared and goes searching for it.

Trapped by Television (1936) 62m. Lyle Talbot, Mary Astor in crime drama re. new TV system. With: Invisible Killer (1939) 61m. Murder at gambling joint.

Two Dollar Bettor (1951) 72m. An honest bank employee gets hooked on horse racing, and starts to embezzle bank funds in an attempt to recoup his losses.

A Walking Nightmare (1942) 61m. Detective James Dunn hired to find missing banker. With: By Appointment Only (1933) 58m. No murder, just an extra drama feature.

The Wrong Road (1936) 56m. Spoiled young lovers rob bank and hide the loot. Lionell Atwill tries to find it. With Richard Cromwell and Helen Mack. With: Open Secret (1948) 68m. John Ireland stumbles on a Jewish hate group.

X Marks the Spot (1942) 58m. Private Eye seeks to uncover events that led to his father’s death. With: Double Cross (1941) 61m. Gangland’s glamorous gun moll…trapped by the man she loves…as the Motorcycle Squad closes in.

Abilene Town ! !
Against a Crooked Sky !
American Empire ! !
Apache Blood ! !
The Big Trees ! !
Bold Caballero ! !
Buckskin Frontier !!
Bushwhackers ! !
Cry Blood Apache !

1946 Randolph Scott, Ann Dvorak
1975, color Richard Boone
1942 Richard Dix, Leo Carillo, Preston Foster. 1975, color Ray Danton, Dewitt Lee
1952, color Kirk Douglas, Edgar Buchanan.
1936, color Robert Livingston, Heather Angel
1943 Richard Dix, Jane Wyatt.
1952 John Ireland, Wayne Morris, Dorothy Malone. 1970, color Jody McCrea, Joel McCrea.
1965, color Arch Hall, Jr., Jack Lester.
1961, color Maureen O’Hara, Brian Keith, Steve Cochran. 1969, color Ricardo Montalban, Slim Pickens.
Deadwood ‘76 ! !
Deadly Companions !
Desperate Mission !
Devil and LeRoy Bassett 1973, color Cody Bearpaw, John Goff.
Naked Hills !!
One-Eyed Jacks !
The Outlaw !!
Over the Hill Gang !
Over the Hill Gang Rides Again 1970, color Fred Astaire, Walter Brennan, Buchanan. Powderkeg ! ! ! 1971, color Rod Taylor, Dennis Cole.
Proud and the Damned ! 1972, color Chuck Connors, Cesar Romero.
Proud Rebel ! !
Rage at Dawn ! !
Renegade Girl ! !
Salome Where She Danced 1945, color Yvonne DeCarlo, Rod Cameron.
1958, color Alan Ladd, Olivia de Havilland. 1955, color Randolph Scott, Forrest Tucker. 1946 Ann Savage, Alan Curtis, Ed Brophy.
Santa Fe Trail ! !
Savage Journey ! !
Seven Alone ! !
Showdown at Williams Creek 1991, color Tom Burlinson, Stephen Miller
1940 Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Ray Massey. 1983, color Maurice Grandmaison, Paul Warton. 1974, color Dewey Martin, Aldo Ray.
Sitting Bull ! ! !
Sundowners ! !
Vengeance Valley ! !
Wackiest Wagon Train in the West 1976, color Bob Denver. 4 episodes of TV “Dusty’s Trail.”The Young Land ! ! 1959, color Patrick Wayne, Yvonne Craig, Dennis Hopper.
1954, color Dale Robertson, J. Carrol Naish.
1950, color Robert Preston, Cathy Downs.
1951, color Burt Lancaster, Robert Walker, Joanne Dru.
Yuma ! ! ! 1971, color TV Movie. Clint Walker, Barry Sullivan.
Spaghetti Westerns
From foreign countries. All are in color. Most are dubbed – none have sub-titles.
1967, color Italy. Gilbert Roland, Edd Byrnes. 1967, color Italy. Terry Jenkins, Enrico Salerno. 1968,colorItaly,ElasMartinelli.
Any Gun Can Play !
Bandidos ! ! !
BelleStarrStory! !
Between God, Devil and Winchester 1968, color Italy/Spain. Gilbert Roland, Richard Harris
Boot Hill ! ! ! China 9, Liberty 37 ! Dead Aim ! ! ! Death Rides a Horse ! Find a Place to Die ! God’s Gun ! ! ! Grand Duel !! !
It Can Be Done, Amigo ! Jory ! ! ! ! Mad Dog Morgan ! ! Savage Guns ! ! This Man Can’t Die ! Trinity and Sartana !
1969, color Italy. Terence Hill, Woody Strode
1978, color Italy/Spain. Warren Oates, Fabio Testi
1975, color Mexico. Glen Lee, Venetia Vianello.
1976, color Italy. Lee Van Cleef, John Phillip Law.
1968, color Italy. Jeffrey Hunter, Pascale Petit.
1976, color Italy. Lee Van Cleef, Jack Palance, R. Boone. 1972, color Italy. Lee Van Cleef, Alberto Dentice.
1972, color Italy/Spain. Bud Spencer, Jack Palance. 1973, color Mexico. John Marley, Robby Benson.
1976, color Australia. Dennis Hopper.
1971, color Italy. Robert Woods, Dino Strano
1967, color Italy. Guy Madison.
1972, color Italy. Harry Baird, Robert Widmark.
Silent Era Westerns (with music tracks)
The Mark of Zorro (1920) Douglas Fairbanks Sr. Tumbleweeds (1925, Wm. S. Hart)
Return of Draw Egan (1916, Wm. S. Hart) Hell’s Hinges (1915, Wm. S. Hart)
The Prairie Pirate (1925, Harry Carey)
Call of the Wilderness (1932, Caesar the Dog)
Smoking Trails (1924, Bill Patton)
Sands of Sacrifice (1921, Neal Hart)
Guardians of the Wild (1928, Jack Perrin & Rex the Horse)
Starring Yakima Canutt:
Branded a Bandit (1924)
Circle of Death (1935)
The Devil Horse (1926) with Rex the Wonder Horse The Fighting Stallion (1926)
Hell Hounds of the Plains (1926)
The Iron Rider (1926)
John Wayne!
McLintock (1963, Color) Either in Scope or full frame.
Angel and Badman (1947)
His Private Secretary (1933, not a western)
American West of John Ford (1971 TV documentary, Color)
Hell Town, aka. Born to the West (1937) B-western for Paramount, with Johnny Mack Brown. John Wayne’s Lone Star series for Monogram:
Blue Steel (1934)
Dawn Rider (1935)
Desert Trail (1935)
‘Neath Arizona Skies (1934) Lawless Frontier (1934) Lucky Texan (1934)
Man from Utah (1934)
Randy Rides Alone (1934)
Sagebrush Trail (1933)
Winds of Wasteland (1936)
Star Packer (1934)
Texas Terror (1935)
Paradise Canyon (1935)
West of the Divide (1934)
Rainbow Valley (1935)
Riders of Destiny (1933)
The Trail Beyond (1934)
John Wayne adventure serials for Mascot:
HURRICANE EXPRESS Serial (1932) John Wayne 12 Chapters — Train setting.
SHADOW OF THE EAGLE Serial (1932) John Wayne 12 Chapters — Carnival setting.
THE THREE MUSKETEERS Serial (1933) John Wayne 12 Chapters — Foreign Legion Action!

“B” Western Round-Up
B-westerns are series westerns, like the John Wayne Lone Stars above, that star popular cowboys and run about an hour each. DVDs often contain double features.
Roy Rogers Complete, Un-cut Features:
Apache Rose (1947)
Bells of Rosarita (1945)
Bells of San Angelo (1947, Color) Cowboy and the Senorita (1944)
The Eyes of Texas (1948)
Hands Across the Border (1944) Heart of the Rockies (1951) Heldorado (1946)
Home in Oklahoma (1946)
Idaho (1943)
King of the Cowboys (1943)
My Pal Trigger (1946)
Roll on Texas Moon (1946)
San Fernando Valley (1944)
Song of Nevada (1944)
Springtime in the Sierras (1947, Color) Under California Stars (1948, Color) Under Nevada Skies (1946)
These Roy Rogers are slightly edited versions made for TV distribution in the 1950s. In many cases these are all that are known to survive! All come as double features on DVD format. The Arizona Kid (1939)
Bad Man of Deadwood (1941)
Billy the Kid Returns (1938) Colorado (1940)
Come On Rangers (1938)
Days of Jesse James (1939) Frontier Pony Express (1939) Heart of Golden West (1942)
In Old Cheyenne (1941)
Jesse James at Bay (1941) Lights of Old Santa Fe (1944) The Man from Cheyenne (1942) Nevada City (1941)
The Ranger and Lady (1940)

Red River Valley (1941)
Ridin’ Down the Canyon (1942) Robin Hood of Pecos (1941) Rough Riders’ Round-Up (1939) Saga of Death Valley (1939) Shine on Harvest Moon (1938) Silver Spurs (1943)
Song of Arizona (1946)
Song of Texas (1943)
South of Santa Fe (1942) Southward Ho (1939)
Sunset on the Desert (1942) Sunset Serenade (1942)
Under Western Stars (1938) Utah (1945)
Wall Street Cowboy (1939) Yellow Rose of Texas (1944) Young Bill Hickok (1940)
Young Buffalo Bill (1940)
Gene Autry
The Big Show (1936)
Boots and Saddles (1937)
The Cowboy and the Indians (1949)
Git Along Little Doggies (1937)
In Old Santa Fe (stars Ken Maynard) (1934)
Loaded Pistols (1948)
Man from Music Mountain (1938)
Oh Susanna (1936)
Old Barn Dance (1938)
The Old Corral (1936)
Public Cowboy #1 (1937)
Red River Valley (Man of the Frontier) (1936)
Ride, Ranger, Ride (1936)
Riders of the Whistling Pines (1949)
Rim of the Canyon (1949)
Rootin’ Tootin’ Rhythm ( 1937)
Round-Up Time in Texas (1937)
Springtime in the Rockies (1937)
Yodelin’ Kid from Pine Ridge (1937)
THE PHANTOM EMPIRE — 1935 Gene Autry Serial in 12 Chapters

Randolph Scott
Abilene Town (1946)
Captain Kidd (1945) – Pirate film with Charles Laughton.
Man of the Forest (1933)
Rage at Dawn (1955, color)
Rocky Mountain Mystery / aka. Fighting Westerner (1935) Thundering Herd — aka Buffalo Stampede (1933) with Harry Carey. To the Last Man (1933)
Wagon Wheels (1934)
When the West Was Young (1932)
The Three Mesquiteers
Call the Mesquiteers (1938) Come On Cowboys (1937)
Hit the Saddle (1937)
Ghost Town Gold (1936) Gunsmoke Ranch (1937)
Heart of Rockies (1937) Outlaws of Sonora (1938) Purple Vigilantes (1938)
Range Defenders (1937)
Riders of Whistling Skull (1937) Roarin’ Lead(1936)
Three Mesquiteers (1936) Trigger Trio (1937)
Wild Horse Rodeo (1937)
The Range Busters
Arizona Stagecoach (1942)
Boot Hill Bandits (1942)
Bullets and Saddles (1943) Fugitive Valley (1941)
Haunted Ranch (1943)
Land of Hunted Men (1943) Range Busters (1940)
Rock River Renegades (1942) Saddle Mountain Roundup (1941) Texas Trouble Shooters (1942) Thunder River Feud (1942)
Trail of the Silver Spurs (1941) Trailing Double Trouble (1940)
Tex Ritter
Arizona Days (1937)
Hittin’ the Trail (1937)
Mystery of Hooded Horseman (1937)
Riders of the Rockies (1937)
Rollin’ Plains (1938)
Sing, Cowboy, Sing (1937)
Song of the Gringo (1936)
Take Me Back to Old Oklahoma (1940)
Tex Rides with the Boy Scouts (1937)
Trouble in Texas (1937)
The Utah Trail (1938)
Texas Rangers Series with Tex Ritter, Dave O’Brien: Boss of Rawhide (1943, without Tex)
Dead or Alive (1944)
Enemy of the Law (1944)
Gangsters of the Frontier (1944)
Spook Town (1944, no Tex)
Three in the Saddle (1945)
Whispering Skull (1944)
Ken Maynard
Alias: The Bad Man (1931) Between Fighting Men (1932) Death Rides the Range (1939) Dynamite Ranch (1932) Harmony Trail (1944)
Honor of the Range (1934)
In Old Santa Fe (1934) with Gabby Hayes, Gene Autry, Smiley Burnette! The Lone Avenger (1933)
Phantom Rancher (1940)
Tombstone Canyon (1932)
The Two Gun Man (1931)
The Whirlwind Horseman (1938)
Whistlin’ Dan (1932)
MYSTERY MOUNTAIN Serial (1934) Ken Maynard 12 Chapters
Tom Tyler
Brothers of the West (1937) Coyote Trails (1935) Deadwood Pass (1933)
Fast Bullets (1936)
The Laramie Kid (1935)
Lost Ranch (1937)
Mystery Ranch (1934)
Phantom of the Range (1936)
Rio Rattler (1935)
Roamin’ Wild (1936)
Santa Fe Bound (1936)
Silver Bullet (1935)
Phantom of the Range (1936)
When a Man Rides Alone (1933)
THE PHANTOM OF THE WEST Serial (1931) Tom Tyler 10 Chapters
Johnny Mack Brown
Between Men (1935) Boothill Brigade (1937) Branded a Coward (1935) Courageous Avenger (1935) Gambling Terror (1937) Guns in the Dark (1937) Law Men (1944)
Rogue of the Range (1936)
Valley of the Lawless (1936)
FIGHTING WITH KIT CARSON (1933) Mascot Serial in 12 Chapters FLAMING FRONTIERS (1938) Universal Serial in 15 Chapters
Hoot Gibson
Cavalcade of the West (1936) Clearing the Range (1931) The Dude Bandit (1933) Frontier Justice (1936)
Hard Hombre (1931) Lucky Terror (1936)
A Man’s Land (1932) Marked Trails (1944) Riding Avenger (1936) Sunset Range (1935)
Buster Crabbe
Arizona Raiders (1936) Billy the Kid Wanted (1941) Billy the Kid Trapped (1942)
Blazing Frontiers (1943)
Cattle Stampede (1943)
Desert Gold (1936) with Tom Keene, Bob Cummings Devil Riders (1943)
Drift Fence (1936)
Frontier Outlaws (1944)
Fugitive of the Plains (1943)
Fuzzy Settles Down (1944)
Gangster’s Den (1945)
His Brother’s Ghost (1945)
The Kid Rides Again (1943)
Oath of Vengeance (1944)
Panhandle Trail (1942)
Rustler’s Hide-Out (1945)
Shadows of Death (1945)
Sheriff of Sage Valley (1942)
Valley of Vengeance (1944)
Western Cyclone (1943)
Wild Horse Phantom (1944)
Bob Steele
Arizona Gunfighter (1937)
Billy the Kid in Texas (1940)
Billy the Kid’s Gun Justice (1938) Billy the Kid’s Range War (1941) Border Phantom (1937)
Brand of the Outlaws (1936) Cavalry (1936)
Colorado Kid (1937)
Doomed at Sundown (1937)
Feud of the Range (1939)
Gun Lords of Stirrup Basin (1937) Hidden Valley (1932)
Kid Courageous (1935)
Law of the West (1932)
Near The Trail’s End (1931)
No Man’s Range (1935) Northwest Trail (1945, color) Oklahoma Cyclone (1930)
The Red Rope (1937)
Rider of the Law (1935)
Riders of the Sage (1939)

Texas Buddies (1932) Thunder in the Desert (1938) Tombstone Terror (1935) Western Justice (1934) Wildfire (1945, color)
Tim McCoy
Aces and Eights (1936) Border Caballero (1936) Bulldog Courage (1935) Ghost Patrol (1936) Lightnin’ Bill Carson (1936) Roarin’ Guns (1936)
Rough Riders films with Buck Jones and Tim McCoy:
Arizona Bound (1941) Below the Border (1942) Forbidden Trails (1941) Gunman from Bodie (1941) Riders of the West (1942)
Buck Jones — Dawn on the Great Divide (1942) Tom Keene
Arizona Round-Up (Tom Keene, 1942) Battle of Greed (1936)
Dynamite Canyon (1937)
God’s Country and the Man (1937) Louisiana Gal (1937)
Pardon My Gun (1930) Where Trails Divide (1937)
George O’Brien
Cowboy Millionaire (1935) Daniel Boone (1936)
Dude Ranger (1934)
Park Avenue Logger (1937) When a Man’s a Man (1935) Wings over Wyoming (1937)
Harry Carey
Aces Wild (1936)
Border Devils (1932)
Buffalo Stampede (1933, with Randolph Scott) Ghost Town (1936)
Night Rider (1932)
Wagon Trail (1935)
Wild Mustang (1935)

Without Honors (1932)
THE DEVIL HORSE Serial (1934) Harry Carey 12 Chapters
LAST OF THE MOHICANS Serial (1932) Harry Carey 12 Chapters THE VANISHING LEGION Serial (1930) Harry Carey 12 Chapters
Bill Cody
Blazing Justice (1936)
The Border Menace (1934) Frontier Days (1936)
The Montana Kid (1931) Outlaws of the Range (1936) Vanishing Riders (1935)
Guinn “Big Boy” Williams
Big Boy Rides Again (1935) Cowboy Holiday (1934) Danger Trails (1935)
Law of the 45s (1935)
James Newill
Renfrew on Great White Way (1938)
Renfrew in Crashing Thru (1939)
Renfrew in Fighting Mad (1939)
Renfrew of the Royal Mounted (1937)
Boss of Rawhide (1943) – Texas Rangers film with Dave O’Brien Spook Town (1944) – Texas Rangers film with Dave O’Brien
Outdoor Adventures
Call of the Forest (Robert Lowery, 1949) Fighting Stallion (1950) – horse story Riddle Ranch (1935) – horse story Yellowstone (1936) – filmed in the park Rin-Tin-Tin (Jr.) in
Caryl of the Mountains (1936) Fangs of the Wild (1939)
Law of the Wolf (1939)
Return of Rin-Tin-Tin (color, 1947) Silver Trail (1937)
Skull and Crown (1935)
The Test (1935)
Vengeance of Rannah (1936)
Other B-Westerns
Across the Plains (Jack Randall, 1939)
Apache Kid’s Escape (Jack Perrin, 1930)
Bells of San Fernando (Donald Woods, 1947)
Border RoundUp (George Houston, 1942)
Border Vengeance (Reb Russell, 1935)
Broadway to Cheyenne (Rex Bell, 1932)
Buffalo Bill in Tomahawk Territory (Clayton Moore, 1952) Cheyenne Kid (Jack Randall, 1940)
Code of the Fearless (Fred Scott, 1939)
Colorado Sundown (Rex Allen, 1952)
Devil on Horseback (Lili Damita, 1936)
Frontier Scout (George Houston, 1938)
The Gay Amigo (Duncan Renaldo as the Cisco Kid, 1949) Heritage of the Desert (Donald Woods, 1939)
Idaho Kid (Rex Bell, 1936)
In Old Montana (Fred Scott, 1939)
Law and Lawless (Jack Hoxie, 1932)
New Mexico (Lew Ayres, 1951)
Oklahoma Terror (Jack Randall, 1939)
Painted Desert (1931) — William Boyd, Clark Gable. Rawhide (Smith Ballew, Lou Gehrig, 1938)
Rawhide Terror (Art Mix, 1934)
Roaring Six Guns (Kermit Maynard, 1937)
Six Gun Rhythm (Tex Fletcher, 1939)
Stagecoach to Denver (Alan Lane as Red Ryder, 1946) Stampede (1936, Charles Starrett)
Terror of Tiny Town (midgets, 1938)
The Texan (Buffalo Bill Jr., 1932)
Trail of the Hawk (Bruce Lane, 1935)
Trapped in the Badlands (George Houston, 1941)
Two Gun Troubador (Fred Scott, 1939)
Water Rustlers (Dorothy Page, 1939)
Whistling Bullets (Kermit Maynard, 1937)
Winning the West (1930, Richard Arlen)

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