Privacy Policy & DMCA

Privacy Policy & DMCA
Privacy Policy Statement
No Media Files at this time are hosted on this site.
If you believe that your copyright has been violated please contact me at westernsontheweb(at)aol(dot)com and we will discuss the content and We will direct you to the host of the content so you can take appropriate action.
The information we collect on our site is used to improve the content of our site. We do not share information with other organizations for commercial purposes. We will never sell or rent your email address.
To Ad Servers. Google Adsense offers paid placement ads. Making the ads relevant to the content of the site. We do our best to make the ads family friendly but do not have complete control of this. Google has started making the ads regionally relevant where possible. If you find ads you do not think are family friendly please contact us with that information westernsontheweb(at)aol(dot)com .
In the future we may use customer information for previously unanticipated uses that are not disclosed in this privacy policy at this time . If that is the case we will post those changes here.
Please keep a check on this page if you want to see any changes that may occur.
If you feel this site is not following its privacy policy as stated here you may email us at westernsontheweb(at)aol(dot)com .
According to Section 512(c) (2) of the DMCA written notice may be sent by copyright holders that believe their works may have been infringed. Please send the following information.
Your physical or electronic signature.
Identification of the copyright work that you claim is being infringed.
Identification of the content that you are claiming to be infringing.
Your contact information, your address, your telephone number and your email address.
Also a statement that you have a good faith belief the content is being used by without the authorization of the copyright owner, agent, or law.
As stated above we do not host any video content on this site at this time BUT if your claim is valid we will be glad to direct you to the source of the material.
Please send the information to westernsontheweb(at)aol(dot)com

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